Liz Barrett is a sign language interpreter (originally from Long Island, N.Y.) with a passion for cooking- Vegan cooking because she believes that all lives are connected and sacred.

After receiving the vegan message she became inspired by the idea of making new items in her kitchen. It became quickly obvious which items were priority! Lasagna, stuffed shells and Italian food were missing because she couldn’t find healthy, delicious dairy-free 'parmesan' and 'ricotta' in the stores.

That passion started the journey of becoming a food business and how Farmesan and Fauxcotta came to be!

In late 2017, after lots of classes and education at Hope and Main Food Incubator, Barrett's Garden was 'born'. Since then she has been on an amazing and fulfilling journey to provide vegan alternative food to everyone! Everything made in her kitchen is healthy, minimal, gmo-free and without fillers. The ingredients are ethically sourced from the best suppliers that care about people, the environment and sustainability. New recipes are being developed with additional products on the way! She could not have done this without the amazing support of the Rhode Island food community!

Liz lives with her amazing guy Steve, 4 rescue cats and 2 canine sons in Pawtucket, RI. She has a wicked awesome human son named Nick! 

The philosophy that Liz lives by is Honor All Life.