Frequently asked questions


Q: How do I get in touch about wholesale?
A: Please send all wholesale inquiries to

Q: Can I reuse my container?
A: Absolutely!  They are conveniently re-useable and the tops will seal tightly.

Q: What is glucono lactone (Gdl)
A: Glucono Delta Lactone (GDL) is a natural, VEGAN constituent of many foods. It can be found in fruit juices, wine and many fermented products ( and kombucha). Glucono Delta Lactone is the dry form of gluconic acid which is obtained by the removing the water during the crystallization process. When it is dissolved in water this reaction is reversed. GDL rapidly dissolves, and slowly hydrolyzes to gluconic acid, thus producing a gentle acidification in the same way as lactic acid-producing bacteria. Glucono delta-lactone is used as a sequestrant, acidifier, curing, pickling, or leavening agent  

Q: Are your products non Gmo?
A: Yes! Absolutely!